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By · September 2nd, 2009 · 1,573 views
Benchmarking the Competition: Who Had the Best Offense and Defense in 2008?

It always starts the same way. Media pundits gushing over video-game offensive and defensive statistics, touting playmakers and storylines, and predicting the winner or the next “game of the year, decade or century.” It fires up the fans.

This year will be no different: it may not be Oklahoma’s unthinkable, record setting offense or USC’s unbelievably dominant defense, but a pair of teams will emerge …

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By · August 8th, 2009 · 8,424 views
What Does a Tenuta-Coached Irish Defense Look Like?

The beginning of Fall practice marks the end of a long off-season for Notre Dame football.

After limping through the second half of the 2008 campaign, questions surfaced about head coach Charlie Weis’ job security. Despite this, the Irish coaching staff hauled in a solid—albeit not great—recruiting class, and subsequently underwent several coaching changes.

If the Hawaii Bowl is any indication, the offensive woes of …

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By · July 25th, 2009 · 5,619 views
Fifteen Answers on Notre Dame’s Rivalries

Some great regional rivalries form some of the history and intensity that vibrates through college football, often determining conference champions: Texas – Texas A&M (115 years), Auburn – Georgia (112)—“The Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South”, Ohio State – Michigan (105), Texas – Oklahoma (103), Nebraska – Oklahoma (82), USC – UCLA (78), Auburn – Alabama (73), LSU – Arkansas (54).

Navy – Army (109) …

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By · July 9th, 2009 · 3,740 views
2009 Season Prediction Survey Results

Now that the voting is over, it’s time to present the results.

First, thanks to all who participated. At the time of this analysis better than 200 people cast votes. For each game on Notre Dame’s 2009 schedule voters were asked to select their confidence in a win. Predicting the outcome of the 2009 season via the win confidence of each game is much more …

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By · May 19th, 2009 · 2,099 views
Tim Brown: Like Smoke Through a Net

Tim Brown was to become a Pentecostal minister. His mother, Josephine, wanted him to play in the band rather than play football at Woodrow Wilson High in Dallas. SMU, which was close to home, nearly gained Brown’s commitment. While Tim Brown may still end up in Christian ministry, his football choices were all the right moves.

At Notre Dame, Tim became a football legend—an All-American …

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By · May 14th, 2009 · 3,671 views
2009 Season Predictions Survey

Whether you saw the Blue-Gold game live or followed along with the reviews, the Irish have had a relatively eventful off-season. A solid recruiting class headlined by defensive stalwart Manti Te’o preceded three coaching changes. Rumors emerged from Spring practice sessions highlighting quarterback Jimmy Clausen’s continued development, defensive lineman Ethan Johnson domination of one-on-one drills and strong play from a deep secondary. Even the 2010 …

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By · December 12th, 2008 · 3,065 views
How Good Are the Irish? A Year-End Offensive Statistical Review

Notre Dame has concluded their regular season, and a reflection on the Irish offense’s progress (or lack thereof) is warranted. The mid-year numbers are here, and this analysis was performed in similar fashion by benchmarking against the competition.

Facing the 73rd toughest AV Ranking strength of schedule, the Irish only managed to go 6-6. But more troubling than winning only half their games against a …

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By · December 1st, 2008 · 1,744 views
2008 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Fourteen and Conference Championship Predictions

Disclaimer: the following is not intended for betting purposes.

As promised here and here, this week the AV ranking will be used to predict the Big 12, ACC, and SEC conference championship games. Forgetting for the moment that the AV Ranking would have put Texas in the Big 12 championship over Oklahoma, these conference championship games feature the following opponents:

Big 12: Missouri vs. …

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By · November 24th, 2008 · 2,030 views
Statistically Speaking: Notre Dame vs. Syracuse

For the third time this season, and second at home, the Fighting Irish squandered a double-digit lead to lose the game. The first two times this occurred against average competition. Against Syracuse, Notre Dame’s implosion took place against an obviously less talented opponent at home on senior day.

Make no mistake about it, Syracuse isn’t even close to a mediocre football team, and the statistics …

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By · November 13th, 2008 · 1,265 views
Suggestions for Charlie Weis: Week Nine

This past weekend was a very difficult one for many Irish fans. The frustration and disbelief I felt at the end of Notre Dame’s match up against Boston College was similar to the disbelief a young man feels when he breaks up with his very first girlfriend. In one moment, the young man realizes that the faults in his “relationship” with his girlfriend far outweigh …