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By · November 5th, 2008 · 4,047 views
It’s Made With Real Bits of Panther, Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh News and Notes

Before the season I predicted the Irish would be 8-4 with losses to Michigan State, Pittsburgh, USC, and one other game (North Carolina or Boston College) because of youth.

The Michigan State game is explicable. The Spartans matched up well against the Irish: an average-to-good defense with a potent rushing offense. The Notre Dame team intensity level and inept rushing attack wasn’t acceptable, but it …

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Suggestions for Notre Dame Fans

Yes, you read the title correctly. The Notre Dame Football program is at a unique crossroads this week as it recovers from a marathon loss to Pittsburgh and is preparing to face Boston College. This week is more crucial to the outcome of the season for the Fighting Irish than their bye week was two weeks ago. Why? Because this week, as Notre Dame Football …

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2008 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Ten

It’s week ten of the ESP and week three of the BCS Standings. A comparison of the ESP and AV Ranking follows.

Elite Selection Playoff

For the second week in a row the top five of the ESP are identical to the BCS Standings. Despite the loss, Texas only dropped three spots. This is in no small part to the quality of teams they have …

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Statistically Speaking: Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh

It was really a game of two halves (and four overtimes) for Notre Dame Saturday. Through two quarters of play the Irish held a three-minute time of possession advantage, outgained Pittsburgh 240 to 71 yards, and secured a two-touchdown lead. From the third quarter on Pitt reversed the fortunes, outgaining Notre Dame 275 to 146 yards.

Ironically enough, there were no strong statistical indicators Notre …

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By · October 30th, 2008 · 2,656 views
Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh: Keys To An Irish Win

After routing the Huskies to start the second half of their season, Notre Dame welcomes Pittsburgh to South Bend. The visiting Panthers enter the contest with a 5-2 record, 28 the AV Ranking, and impressive resume. Although potentially untested (70th ranked AV strength of schedule, Pittsburgh is respectable in most statistical categories.

The most glaring weakness of the upcoming Irish opponent is a –6 in …

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By · October 28th, 2008 · 3,063 views
Let’s Get Husky, Notre Dame vs. Washington News and Notes

Charting the Irish offense from Saturday’s game against Washington leads to some interesting results. Namely, the Irish still frequently give away their run/pass intention prior to snapping the ball.

While offensive coordinator Mike Haywood had arguably his best play calling game of the year, the Irish are extremely predictable based on personnel grouping and formation. In other words, Saturday’s contest against the Huskies was more …

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2008 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Nine

It’s week nine of the ESP and week two of the BCS Standings. A comparison of the ESP and AV Ranking follows.

Elite Selection Playoff

The past few weeks have seen some movement at the top but the really surprising thing is the number of teams in the top 25 of the ESP that aren’t from BCS conferences.

Boise State (10), Utah (11), TCU (13), …

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By · October 26th, 2008 · 3,165 views
Statistically Speaking:  Notre Dame vs. Washington

Notre Dame owned an edge in nearly every statistical category in their 33-7 win over the Washington Huskies. The Irish offense didn’t punt once, and the defense limited the Huskies to only a few first downs through every meaningful minute of play.

The Irish had nearly a 15 minute edge in time of possession, was perfect scoring in four red zone attempts, only turned the …

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By · October 23rd, 2008 · 2,846 views
Notre Dame vs. Washington: Keys to an Irish Win

Coming off a bye week Notre Dame travels to Seattle to face the win-less Washington Huskies. With the memory of a mistake-ridden loss to North Carolina fresh in the minds of the Irish players, a strong effort in the early going is a necessity. A convincing road win would go a long way to getting the second half of the 2008 season pointed in the …

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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

This past week, the Notre Dame Football team found themselves at a very unique crossroads. For a long while, the Irish have yet to field a football team that could be so enjoyable to watch and yet, with a split second and a mental lapse, could be so frustrating to watch. When they are clicking on all cylinders, this football team has the ability to …