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By · August 2nd, 2010 · 4,029 views
Blueprint for BCS Championship Success III: Defensive Results

Editor’s note: This is the third installment of a five-part series detailing the blueprint for winning the BCS national championship and measuring the Irish performance against this standard.

What is the defensive recipe for winning the BCS national championship? The aforementioned approach has been used to parse the data and identify the statistical metrics common to BCS champions. Staying consistent with the offensive results, these …

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By · July 30th, 2010 · 3,861 views
Blueprint for BCS Championship Success II: Offensive Results

Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a five-part series detailing the blueprint for winning the BCS national championship and measuring the Irish performance against this standard.

Offensively, what does it take to win the BCS national championship? The data below outlines the statistical metrics that answer this question via the approach described in the opening segment. The metrics have been divided into four …

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By · July 27th, 2010 · 4,402 views
Blueprint for BCS Championship Success I: Introduction and Approach

It’s been 21 seasons since Notre Dame last won the national championship, and college football has certainly evolved during that time. The Associated and United Press Championships have been replaced by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Recruiting has changed focus to the talent hotbeds of California, Florida and Texas. Two tight end, I-backfields have been replaced by spread, multiple wide receiver formations. And defenses are …

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By · July 17th, 2010 · 3,943 views
Interview With College Football Outsiders Statistician Brian Fremeau

The stat gurus at Football Outsiders have released the most recent edition of their off-season annual—Football Outsiders Almanac 2010—complete with an introductory explanation of some new and innovative statistics, 2010 projections for every college football team in the Football Bowl Subdivision, quarterback and recruiting rankings, and a brief history of conference realignment.

In conjunction with this release, Clashmore Mike sat down for a Q&A with …

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By · June 25th, 2010 · 9,088 views
2010 Season Predictions Survey

The 2010 Notre Dame football season is drawing near. The Irish are a little over two months away from their home opener against Purdue and Wednesday marked the opening of ticket sales to the general public. In conjunction with the latter, and in preparation for the impending season, Clashmore Mike is hosting its annual pre-season predictions survey.

For the fourth time (excluding George O’Leary) since …

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By · June 19th, 2010 · 6,835 views
Clutch or Luck? Brian Kelly’s Performance the Past Five Seasons

The Pythagorean expectation—brought into the sports vernacular by baseball statistician Bill James—in its most simplest form is a tool used to describe how “lucky” a baseball team was in a given season. By comparing runs scored versus runs allowed, James was able to derive a relationship between winning and scoring margin, and thus could show a team to be performing above or below expectation. For …

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By · March 21st, 2010 · 7,858 views
Spring Football Focus Part III: Technique and Fundamentals

Spring is definitely in the air. The trees have started to bud and most of the snow is melted away. People have pulled their grills out of the garage and the bravest of souls have taken the chance during the mildly warm weather to sport their flip-flop sandals. Fortunately, to beat the winter blues out of our systems, spring also brings spring football, much to …

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By · March 2nd, 2010 · 14,991 views
Missed Opportunity and Failed Execution, Notre Dame’s Red Zone Woes

With few exceptions, the 2009 Irish offense had a very productive year. Quarterback Jimmy Clausen and wide receiver Golden Tate turned in brilliant performances and led an explosive unit that generated over 30 points per outing.

But if there was an Achilles’ heel—and there was—it was red zone point production.

The Irish struggled inside the 20-yard line in 2009, but this is hardly a new …

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By · January 4th, 2010 · 5,114 views
How Good Are the Irish? A Year-End Defensive Statistical Review

The 2009 Irish offense has been dissected, detailed and summarized. Now it’s time to turn to the other side of the ball.

Many (myself included) believed Notre Dame’s 2009 defense would be a large step forward from a 2008 unit that was below average. The Irish returned a host of starters, an off-season coaching responsibility realignment by head coach Charlie Weis put co-defensive coordinator Jon …

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By · December 24th, 2009 · 2,925 views
2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Fourteen and BCS Championship Predictions

Disclaimer: The following is not intended for betting purposes.

Similar to last year, the final AV Ranking values (see the values in the table below) will be used to predict the BCS bowl game winners against the spread.

The BCS games are as follows:

  • Rose Bowl presented by Citi: Ohio State vs. Oregon
  • Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. TCU
  • Allstate Sugar Bowl: Cincinnati