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Clashmore Mike Welcomes Anthony Pilcher

By · October 11th, 2008 · 0 Comments · 3,109 views
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Clashmore Mike Welcomes Anthony Pilcher

Clashmore Mike would like to welcome Anthony Pilcher to our writing team. He is an Irish enthusiast who specializes in statistical analysis. Additionally, he’s a skilled writer who does a great job recapping games from an X’s and O’s perspective. We invited Anthony to our team partly because he’s a very good writer and partly because we feel sorry for him because he lives in Ohio, like we do.

We look forward to what he will provide for our website and we hope you will enjoy his writing as much as we already do. His weekly opponent preview and review articles detail different schematic advantages and disadvantages and his analysis on the national college football landscape is very enlightening. Additionally, he has designed his own National ranking system used for college football. You can view the system here.

Join us in welcoming Anthony to our website. Leave a comment and let him know how he’s doing. Welcome, Anthony!


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