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2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Eight

By · October 25th, 2009 · 0 Comments
2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Eight

Many of the top teams survived scares over the weekend, but that did little to impact their ranking. The week eight ESP and AV Ranking are shown below (week seven can be found here). It is still too early to draw many meaningful conclusions from the rankings.

Visit here to compare the ESP to the BCS standings.  Go here to compare the AV Ranking to Sagarin’s computer ranking.

The Irish come in 23rd in the AV Ranking with the 25th most difficult strength of schedule and 34th best Team Performance Ratio (visit here or here for a description of Team Performance Ratios). The latter is weighted heavily by a favorable turnover margin (19th ranking) and fairly productive offense (41).

Elite Selection Playoff (ESP)

[table id=115 /]

AV Ranking

[table id=116 /]

Adjusted Win Percentage (AWP)

[table id=117 /]

Strength of Schedule (SOS)

[table id=118 /]

Team Performance Ratio (TPR)

[table id=119 /]

Margin of Victory (MOV)

[table id=120 /]

Quality Wins/Losses (QWL)

[table id=121 /]



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