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2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Ten

By · November 11th, 2009 · 0 Comments
2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Ten

Iowa’s loss to Northwestern dropped them out of the top five in the ESP while the other top teams largely remained the same. Florida or Alabama have to lose at least one game, but—with few exceptions—the remaining top five teams have favorable schedules for the remainder of the year. For comparison purposes the BCS results can be seen here.

Movement in the top 10 of the AV Ranking was fairly tumultuous. Iowa surrendered the top spot to Alabama who jumped all the way up from number seven due to a big push in schedule strength while Texas, Florida and Cincinnati round out the top five.

The Irish come in 37th in the AV Ranking this week with a 42nd ranked strength of schedule and 44th best TPR. Up next for Notre Dame is number 11 Pittsburgh. The Panthers have the sixth best TPR but have played only the 83rd toughest schedule. The last Irish opponent, Navy, cracks the top five at number 23.

Elite Selection Playoff (ESP)

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AV Ranking

[table id=146 /]

Adjusted Win Percentage (AWP)

[table id=147 /]

Strength of Schedule (SOS)

[table id=148 /]

Team Performance Ratio (TPR)

[table id=149 /]

Margin of Victory (MOV)

[table id=150 /]

Quality Wins/Losses (QWL)

[table id=151 /]



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