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2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Twelve

By · November 23rd, 2009 · 0 Comments
2009 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Twelve

The national title picture is becoming more and more clear.

Unless something dramatically changes, it will be Texas against the winner of the SEC in the national championship game. The ESP has Alabama number one and Florida number two, while the BCS has the two teams in reverse order.

This disparity is largely due to the computer rankings used by the BCS and the computer ranking used by the ESP, the AV Ranking. Alabama ranks number one in the AV Ranking, largely because of their statistical dominance and a better (albeit still not good) strength of schedule ranking than the Gators. Alabama has played the 68th toughest strength of schedule while Florida has faced the 83rd most difficult slate of teams. Additionally, Alabama has the number one TPR, mostly because of an excellent turnover margin and stifling defense.

After the third consecutive loss the Irish drop to number 53 in the AV Ranking with the 31st ranked strength of schedule and 42nd best TPR. Notre Dame’s upcoming opponent, the Stanford Cardinal, ranks 33rd but has a lower strength of schedule and TPR ranking.

Elite Selection Playoff (ESP)

[table id=184 /]

AV Ranking

[table id=185 /]

Adjusted Win Percentage (AWP)

[table id=186 /]

Strength of Schedule (SOS)

[table id=187 /]

Team Performance Ratio (TPR)

[table id=188 /]

Margin of Victory (MOV)

[table id=189 /]

Quality Wins/Losses (QWL)

[table id=190 /]



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