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2010 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Seven

By · October 18th, 2010 · 0 Comments
2010 Elite Selection Playoff: Week Seven

Another week, another series of undefeated and highly ranked teams falling victim to the upset bug.

Ohio State, downed by the Badgers in Madison. Nebraska, done in by a swarming Longhorn defense that allowed a long gain of 14 yards on the ground. South Carolina, outscored 21-0 in the second half by Kentucky after going into the locker room with a 28-10 halftime lead.

On the other side of the coin, Auburn managed to hold of Arkansas in the highest regulation scoring game in SEC history. Iowa handed the Wolverines their second consecutive home loss. And Florida State survived a four-turnover outing against Boston College.

As noted last week, weak early season schedules left a lot of uncertainty as to who was legit and what teams were untested. BCF Toys and Football Outsiders stat guru Brian Fremeau even went so far as to predict a 2007-redux.

As it stands now, Oregon owns the top spot in the ESP, while the Sooners maintain their number one AVR ranking for the second straight week. There are still six teams that in the top 10 of the AVR with low schedule strengths. Some (Oregon, Michigan State, Missouri, and Oklahoma State) will likely have tougher tests the rest of the way through the season. The others (Boise State and TCU) may never face a quality opponent during the rest of the regular season.

The Irish come in at 42nd in the AVR as their strength of schedule drops from 4th last week to 11th. Notre Dame also ranks 21st in quality wins/losses (QWL) but only 54th in adjusted win percentage (AWP) and 65th in margin of victory (MOV). The Irish also currently stand at number 45 in team performance ratio (TPR)—66th on offense, 27th on defense.

Future Irish opponents include Navy (40th in the AVR), Tulsa (66), Utah (15), Army (56), and USC (29).

Elite Selection Playoff (ESP)

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AV Ranking (AVR)

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Adjusted Win Percentage (AWP)

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Strength of Schedule (SOS)

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Team Performance Ratio (TPR)

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Margin of Victory (MOV)

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Quality Wins/Losses (QWL)

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