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Here Come the Irish 2010

By · July 3rd, 2010 · 0 Comments
Here Come the Irish 2010

The latest edition of Here Come the Irish is available and includes a 2010 opponent preview entitled “Know Thy Enemy: Breaking Down Notre Dame’s 2010 Opponents” from Clashmore Mike contributor Anthony Pilcher.

For those unfamiliar with the publication, Here Come the Irish is the brainchild of Notre Dame alumnus Jim Walsh over at the Maple Street Press, and is one of the best Irish football preview annuals you’ll find. The Maple Street Press takes pride in producing thorough, in-depth, and thoughtful analysis, and the 2010 version of Here Come The Irish is no exception. Written by ardent and informed Irish football followers, it comes packed with great information for both casual and hardcore fans.

To purchase a copy you can visit the 2010 Here Come the Irish webpage where you will find a brief preview, full table of contents, and all the appropriate ordering information.

To whet your appetite, an excerpt from the introduction of Anthony’s 2010 opponent preview:

This bodes well for Notre Dame. A home game-heavy and favorably ordered schedule awaits a talented team. While the Irish certainly have concerns of their own, if new head coach Brian Kelly can maximize the roster potential a nine or 10-win season is a distinct possibility. Ultimately, a successful season will be decided by the play upfront. The Irish offensive line must play well against several strong defensive fronts and Notre Dame’s own defensive front will face multiple offensive lines with plenty of experience. Win the battles in the trenches, and a double-digit win season is within reach.

Some additional highlights from the publication:

  • An Irish position preview and discussion of Kelly and recruiting by former Blue-Gray Sky contributor Pat
  • A profile of Notre Dame’s assistant coaches by Keith Arnold of NBC’s Inside the Irish
  • A somewhat comedic piece on how to accept yet another head coach (and when it’s acceptable to name your dog after him) by Pete formerly of Blue-Gray Sky
  • A breakdown of the freshman class and the 10 make or break players of 2010 from Frank Vitovitch of UHND.com
  • A profile on Crist and a piece on Kelly working to win over the South Bend community by WNDU’s “Dean of Local Sports” Jeff Jeffers
  • An overview of Kelly’s offense by X’s and O’s guru Chris Brown of Smart Football
  • An article detailing the pace of Kelly’s spread offense by college football statistician Brian Fremeau of BCF Toys and College Football Outsiders
  • A profile of Kelly by Brian Hiro of the North County Times
  • The five statistics to watch in 2010 by Patrick Borchers, better known on various Notre Dame message boards as OmahaDomer
  • A piece on recent Irish players in the NFL by John Walters of FanHouse
  • An interview with former Notre Dame athletic director Gene Corrigan—including some great quotes about hiring Lou Holtz—by Craig Chval

If you’re looking for some quality Irish football content and a way to make it through the rest of the off-season, be sure to pick up a copy.



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